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Upcoming Govinda’s Kitchen



To serve delicious and sanctified meals to one and all.

Mouth-Watering Vegetarian Food At Govinda’s Kitchen

Govinda’s kitchen, a part of ISKCON, serves the pure and delicious vegetarian food prepared while keeping devotion to Lord Krishna in the mind. The food prepared at the Govinda’s Kitchen is first offered to Lord Krishna and then it is offered to anyone else. This is the reason that the food offered at Govinda Vegetarian restaurant is considered as the prasadam. The food prepared with love and devotion is so sanctified that it not only nurtures your body, but your soul as well. If you feel hungry while exploring ISKCON Ghaziabad, you can get delectable food at Govinda’s restaurant that is well-known for the healthy vegetarian diet.

Why Govinda’s Kitchen only offers Vegetarian Food?

According to Hare Krishna Movement of ISKCON, the cooking art is considered as a sacred experience. ISKCON believes that the preparation of the food should be based on the principles of non-violence and healthy living. Therefore, the devotees of Lord Krishna promote a vegetarian diet which does not include meat, eggs and fishes. It has also been mentioned in the sacred Bhagwad Gita that Lord Krishna accepts any food offered to him with devotion and love, whether it is a leaf, a fruit, a flower, or water (BG 9.26).If we stop killing animals, it can definitely reduce our karmic debt. So, this is how Govinda’s kitchen promotes vegetarianism by offering only vegetarian dishes at their restaurant. Come to Govinda’s restaurant and get a wide range of 100% healthy and delicious vegetarian food.